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2016-07-17 - TG/TF Eevee Pokemorph :iconcharleyecho:CharleyEcho 43 15
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Lopunny Hypnosis Tf Tg
Hello there.
How are you?
Need something to cheer you up?
Or do you just want to do something different for fun?
Well, I'm here to help.
First, you need to get something soft. Like a pillow, or a stuff animal.
Do you have something soft?
Now, turn off music, TV, or anything else but this you are doing right now.
Now, slow your breathing into a steady pace. In you noise, out your mouth.
Think of something steady and calming, like the ticking of a clock. Yes that will do.
Think of the ticking of a clock.
Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock.
Feel relaxed?
Then you are ready.
You fill your ears move. They move to the top of your head. They start to grow as well. They grow up, and then bend back in a v formation. They grow down to your knees. They fell sensitive, yet you feel like there you best feature. They start to grow a light brown fur, and the tips of your ears to about half way up them grow a thicker tan fur.
Remember, remand calm. It is the most major part of this. Hold yo
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SWI - The Eon Conversion p8 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 329 16 Dreaming of the Sky p4 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 336 6 Dreaming of the Sky p3 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 317 12
Just got into a fight at school.
*Sighs*...hey guy's i got into a fight at school for doing a right thing.
a message here..i'm a very good person and being around people who are just disrespect and a bunch of punks..there will be a pont where you just snap
and it just happen today.
Some punk in my class keeps commenting bad stuff about the teacher and says he ain't learning anything..well if you be
off your damn phone and actually care about what your trying to may know.
I just told the dude to shut up..and he got out of his seat saying make me..and i got up from my seat.
and i got up into his face my teacher tries to break it up and we we did but he still talking crap against me...and so i got into a
fight and he friggin punches me in the chin hard friggin chin was bleeding like crazy..i never bleed that hard since..back in middle school when someone punches me a couple of times to the
back of the head.
this is what i go through guys..once it was over my friends broke it up and as he ju
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so many sans. :iconsuzuerink:SuzueRink 306 14 SO MANY PAPYRUS :iconsuzuerink:SuzueRink 280 45 Pyrrha [RWBY] :iconkeethy:Keethy 420 17



'sigh' So bored. I wanna catch that Eevee....If she let's me.....
I'm asking this right now. Who would win, Adam Taurus or Raven Branwen? 
"....." I have no words. Ruby's in the real world. "Ruby?" Nevaeh asks. "Are you serious?" "Yeah." I was shocked. Then Ruby hugged me. "!!!" Holy crap. Wow. She just hugged me! "...." I again have no words. "You know it's cool to have you here in the real world."

School.  I told Ruby she could come with me and she said okay. So I decided to walk with Ruby. Ruby smiles. "How did you even see me, Ruby?" I asked. Ruby said "Well I know how much you wanted me to come in the real world so I did." I said. "Wow. You really understand me." I smiled. This was gonna be awesome. We finally made it and I walked up to my best friend, Steven Mensah. "Yo Nate, what up?" Steven said. "Eh nothing much." I smiled. "But this..." I stepped out of the way and Steven was surprised. It was Ruby. "Wha?! No way!" Steven said. I smiled. "Wait till Ryan sees this." Ryan S is my other best friend. We've known each other since 6th grade.

The teachers and students were surprised by who I was walking with.  Now they won't bother me. Which was awesome. I had a good day. Plus Ruby helped a lot. Ms. Elliot my english teacher, said "Awesome job Nate!" "Heh. Thanks." I smiled. I decided to walk home with Ruby this time. Ruby told me "That was so much fun!" She hugged me again. We made it home and now we had to do work. Ruby fixed up the place. "Wow she's fast!" My mom said. I was happy. 


It was time for bed. I headed upstairs and Ruby followed me into my room. Well first I had to set the alarm. Then I went to my room and fell asleep with Ruby holding me tight. I smiled.

The next day I woke up with the alarm ringing. I turned it off and got ready. Ruby helped. I smiled. I headed downstairs. Ruby said "Let's get Yang." "Okay." I smiled and watched RWBY and then Weiss, Blake and Yang came out of the screen. I smiled. "Whoa. Where are we?" Weiss asked. "Hello Weiss." I smiled. "Nate?" Weiss smiled. "Looks like team RWBY is here with me!" I was excited. "Well let's go then." Yang said.

To be continued.


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